What You Need To Know About Limo Hire

Hiring a limo is a great way to attend that special event that you have been planning for months. If you have a big event such as a wedding or high school reunion coming up, you can choose a limo hire to make a statement during that event. Back in the days, limousines used to be associated with the rich and mighty only. It was hard to find an ordinary person cruise the city inside a stretched limo. Nowadays, limo hire services offer competitive rates to customers, which have made it affordable for many people to hire a limousine for any special event including business travel. If you are travelling with friends to a special event, a limo has enough space to accommodate all of you, and you have the option to share the cost.Image result for limo hire

Most Limo Hire companies offer the latest car models from leading manufacturers such as Hummer, Chrysler, BMW, Porsche, Range Rover and many more. Inside the limo, you will find exclusive facilities such as LCD screens, laser display, cocktail bar, and DVD players that will keep you entertained throughout your travel. Whether it is during the day or night, a limousine will make you feel like an A-list celebrity. Unlike other popular car hire services such as Uber, a limo hire offers more than just transport services. It is unlikely you will be served with a bottle of water when you use Uber. However, when you a car from a limo company, you are guaranteed of a VIP treatment. You can feel confident that you will get snacks, water and Wi-Fi services during your travel.

If you are flying out of the country, you can arrange to be taken to the airport in a limo. This will leave people guessing who is seated on the other side of a tinted stretched limo as you enjoy a luxurious comfortable ride. If you have those special events that come once in a lifetime such as a wedding or prom, only limo hire will make it an unforgettable one. However, limo hire is not just about big events only. If someone special is flying out of the country, you can use a limo service to transport them to the airport, to give them that perfect farewell. For proud new parents, you can use a limo to transport your newborn home from the hospital. Here are some of the special events you can use a limo hire service:

Prom night

Do you have a loved one who is celebrating prom this year? How about you go out of the ordinary and use a limo hire to make them feel special. A prom night is a once in a lifetime event which celebrates your kid’s passage to adulthood. You can mark this milestone by driving your child inside a stretched limo to the venue of the prom. Most limo companies offer special packages for teens such as serving non alcoholic drinks inside the cocktail bar. When you hire a stretched limo, you can feel confident that your child will have a memorable night and enjoy themselves throughout this special occasion.


It is common today to find wedding couples inside a stretched limo. Hiring a limo company during your wedding is the best way to mark that special event with your significant other. You can use a stretched limo to travel to the reception venue of your wedding. If you are travelling abroad for your honeymoon, you can travel to the airport inside a limo. This will certainly leave a lasting impression among your wedding guests.Image result for limo hire

Bachelorette party

Have a bachelorette party coming up? You can throw it inside a party bus limo to celebrate your bride-to-be great milestone from single hood to married life. Your bride-to-be can party in an intimate way with friends inside a party bus limo. Inside the confined space of a party bus limo, you will find a dance floor with strobe lights which will keep everyone entertained throughout your ride.

Theatre trip

If you are heading to the theatre with friends, you can use a stretched limousine to travel to your favorite event. Inside the limo you can sip wine with friends as you enjoy great entertainment prior to arriving to your event.



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